Teamspeak Hack Pack

Teamspeak Hack Pack


Teamspeak Fake Player
Move the CONTENTS of your folder to your c:/ drive folder.
Open up GeekFakePlayerSpam and then input the information.
Happy Spamming!

GeekChannelCreator (Non-Crashing)
Input information.
Click on teamspeak
Press F3 to create.
Press F4 to stop spamming.

Click on desired channel and press F8.

Click go invisible then click in teamspeak immediatly.

Click on the desired user with SA and press F7.
This program will remove their SA first then kick them out.

Check the boxes you want to spam. Fill in
how many spams you would like and then press start.
Immediatly, click on the person on teamspeak you want
to spam.

For people that use the chat xfire.
Type in the text you want to spam.
Press start and then click on the chat window box where you
input text. It will automatically start, click stop to stop

Multi-Client Patch
This program will patch your teamspeak to be multi-client
openable. Close teamspeak, run the program, locate your
teamspeak application and then press patch. The teamspeak
client cannot be a new patched version.

Hydra Brute Forcer
This program will brute peoples password. Move the WHOLE folder
into your c:/drive and then open up Teamspeak Brute Forcer program.
There is already a included password file and it is 30 mb big.
The password list is made geared for only teamspeak hacking as it
includes all the algorithms of 6 letter characters and lots of numbers
and common words. This password file should crack 75-90% of the time.
Input the information of the victim's teamspeak and click start! A
CMD box will pop up and then wait 5 seconds before bruting begins.

A teamspeak client that is multi-client openable. It sports a new
color background and new mini icons. Move into your teamspeak folder
to work. Open again to open more clients.